Passenger Lifts

Bhardwaj Passenger Lifts are designed to Cater the requirements of small personal lifts for private homes as well as large Office/CommercialBuildings & Hospitals. We offer a range of lifts which are designed & manufactured depending on the requirement of the customer as detailed here under Passenger Lifts are designed to cater the requirements of small personal lifts for private homes as well as large office/Commercial buildings.





Automatic Passenger Lifts
The company is recognized for manufacturing and installing world class Automatic Passenger Lifts in public buildings. Our Automatic Passenger Lifts have higher demand amongst clients, as these are easy to maintain. Though these lifts require more space in the building than manual doors, it is advisable to use automatic doors. There is no need for a lift operator in our Automatic Passenger Lifts. The door panels can be designed to add decor to the building. These lifts are available in different capacities ranging from 4 persons to 40 persons. The speed of travel ranges from single speed of 0.7m/s to variable speeds of 1.5m/s.


The cabin walls and door panels can be of M.S. painted, M.S. powder coated or hairline brush finished stainless steel. Glass Doors are also provided on special demand because these are expensive. Normally Center Opening Doors are advised due to their ease of use and elegance. Telescopic Doors can also be provided in which both the doors are opened towards one side. Our lifts use Programmable Logic Controllers with auto fault display and detection capability. Modern amenities like variable speeds through ACVVVF Drives, Automatic Rescue Device for electricity failure, Load Weighing Devices for large lifts etc. are offered at additional cost.

We can provide our clients in the industrial and commercial sectors with a complete range of products we supply and install low rise passenger lifts. These hydraulic lifts operating up to a maximum of 6 floors can be of machine room less design. The cabins manufactured from a wide selection of quality materials can meet basic low cost needs, or with a panoramic design, can provide a stunning design feature to the building. As with our goods and service lifts our passenger lifts are supplied and installed with a full project management service ensuring the lift installation is completed to the client’s full satisfaction on time.
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