Features :-

  • Speedy & Easy Handling of Scraps & Solids. Special Heavy Steel Mill Duty Series with Heavy Duty
  • Manganese Casting Bumper Plate Also available with deep Field Design, Higher Duty Cycle For
    enhanced Magnetic Operation & Higher Lifter Capacity.
  • Manufactured with Cast Steel Body or Fabricated Structure.
  • Duty Cycle 50 % / 60% / 75% per 10 Minute.
  • Aluminum/Copper/Anodised Aluminum Conductor Wound Coil, Special “H” or “C” Class insulation.
  • Completely sealed with thermal Conductive compound and protected terminal Box.
  • Operates on 220 Volts DC, other Voltage on request.
  • Cable Reeling Drums in Various Types are available.
  • Magnets for handling Hot Materials up to 6000 C also available.

Applications :-

  • Useful for Production Stock yards.
  • Loading/unloading of steel Scraps/Pig Iron/ Cast Iron /Boring/Turning/Broken Steels.
  • Handles Blooms, Slabs & Ingots.
  • Used in Smelt Mixing Operation.
  • Can be used with Mobile Cranes.
  • Direct Feeding in the Furnaces.
  • Cleaning / Sweeping of Mill Area.
  • Can be used in tandem from Spreader Beam.
  • Special Design for Handling Large Coils.
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