Goods Cum Passenger Lift

We are engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of Passenger Lifts that are designed to cater the requirements of small personal lifts for private homes as well as large office/commercial buildings. These passenger lifts are available in various sizes and capacities as per the clients’ requirements.

Rope Hoist, mounted on a supported IBeam, which lowers & raises the cage. ln the absence of a RCC well inside the building, a fabricated enclosure supporting structure can be erected on site. This structure is independent of the building can be erected inside or outside the building, just touching. Guide wheels are fitted on the cage which run in the C-Guides which are provided on the structure on
opposite sides. This arrangement enables smooth & trouble free travel of the cage in a vertically straight line. Collapsible gates are provided at all entry exit points for essential safety.

Specifications :

Drive Unit For Lifts

Capacity: 0.5 Tons onwards
Span: 1.5 meter X 1.5 meter X 2 meter onwards
Lift: 0.5 meter to 20 meter
Floor : Ground + 10

Special Features :

  • LIMIT SWITCHES To prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook.
  • ELECTRO-MECHANIC DOOR LOCKS near the collapsible gates to ensure.
  • Lift does not work electrically if any door is open.
  • The collapsible gate does not open mechanically unless cage is on corresponding level.
  • SPRING BUFFERS on the floor of the lift well to cushion the cage.
Innovative Passenger Lifts
Innovative Passenger Lifts ore designed to Cater the requirements of small personal lifts for private homes as well as large Office/Commercial Buildings & Hospitals.
We offer a range of lifts which are designed & manufactured depending on the requirement of the customer as detailed here under
Passenger Lilts are designed to cater the requirements of small personal lifts for private homes as well as large office/Commercial buildings.

Innovative Passenger Lift Design

Our innovative passenger lift designs con be found in many towns and cities around the India.
  • We ore continually developing new and improved passenger lift solutions  in particular, designs, utilizing both hydraulic and traction drive systems.
We offer o choice of passenger capacities and speeds ranging from 3 persons to 40 persons, with lifts operating at 0.1 m/sec through to 2.5 m/sec.

Wide lift range - wide lift choice

We provide on extensive range of passenger lift designs and options - there ore many customer configurations available  on items   such   as wall   materials,   ceiling finishes, and   floor
Get a finish that's just right - down to the smallest details. Our handrails, mirrors and lighting finishes ore customer specifiable - something  that's  not  usually  available  from  standardized
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