Capsule Elevators

We offer Capsule Elevators which are installed where elevation of building is to be enhanced. These lifts display the moving lift, and offer Architectural highlights to the building. We offer these Capsule Lifts in attractive designs to give durability with stylish looks. These are made from high quality glass and metals to last for long, with much lesser maintenance.

Capsule lifts can be installed on the exterior face of the building or in the lobby. The installation of these lifts can totally change the look of the building. The technology used in these lifts is state of the art.

The range of lifts is from 8 persons to 40 persons for a three-sided glass capsule. 5 sided glass capsule is available for a minimum lift size of 13
persons. Octagonal shaped lifts are also being designed. Bottom lit marble floors, well shaped roofs and cabin exteriors can be provided. One exclusive feature is that glass doors can be provided. When set in a glass capsule the beauty of the capsule is further enhanced.

The lifts can be traction machine based or hydraulic machine based depending on the machine room location. Apart from the cabin all other specifications are the same as for other passenger lifts.

Glass Capsule Lifts

Our gamut of glass capsule elevators is artistically designed to be used in offices, shopping malls, multiplexes and other prestigious buildings.
Augmenting the beauty of the infrastructure in which they are installed, these lifts are incorporated with large glass viewing panel making them
aesthetically attractive. The design, features and infinite options of its control is add on to its travel comfort room location. Apart from the cabin all other
specifications are the same as for other passenger lifts.

Operations Motor operated :-

  • Made from S.S./M.S. with vision panel
  • Color Powder coated any color. Elegant looks, Light in weight Speed Variable Speed
  • Controller Full Proof Low voltage (PLC or Solid state) with fully collective - selective system.
  • AC V3 drive for jerk free operation & for variable speed.
  • Auto floor announcing system.
  • Over load indication.
  • Avail Inverter facility for single base at time of Power failure.
  • Push Button Luminous type highly attractive as well as durable.
  • Facility Floor Position Indication at all the floors as well as in cabin
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